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Tipler Presents New Visual Identity and Repositions Its Product Lines

Tipler Visual Identity

Tipler has announced that it has undertaken a strategic review and rebranding of its product lines, including the creation of a new logo and a rethink of the way the Brazilian tread rubber brand communicates with the market.

Tipler Has Introduced a New Visual Identity and Repositioned Its Product Lines

The changes and the new positioning of the Tipler brand can be seen in the main communication channels of the brand, such as the company’s website, marketing emails and profiles on the main social networks, especially the company’s Facebook page.

“The guiding principles of this new phase of Tipler’s history can be seen in a film released on the Youtube channel. In addition to the visual identity, the company is promoting a repositioning of its product lines,” said Brand Manager Rodrigo Farina. Tipler now has three lines of pre-cured tread bands, each one with specific characteristics to meet the most diverse needs of hauliers and retreaders.

The Ultra line has been expanded, and now consists of 13 designs. Changes in the compound of the Ultra treads make them even more resistant to abrasion and, consequently, increase their mileage performance even more.

The Eco + line has also undergone a restructuring, and has gained patterns with differentiated rubber compounds. Aimed at reducing rolling resistance, which helps reduce vehicle fuel consumption, the Eco + line offers both sustainability and economy. Lighter, weight-optimised bands are also new, providing greater competitiveness for Tipler Network Dealers.

The recently launched Forte line brings together treads for the mixed segment and off road, where the severity of the tread is extremely high. With a differentiated compound, focused on the resistance to cuts and abrasions, the Forte line has been designed for applications in construction sites and sugar cane plantations, for example, generating excellent results for the end user.

A further innovation in terms of products is TipTread, which has been introduced as a second line for Tipler, but with exclusive distribution for Tipler Network Dealers. TipTread was developed to be an extremely competitive alternative for the entry segment, offering treads with reduced weight and low tread depth, making them lighter. With designs to cater for all major applications in the transportation segment, TipTread offers an efficient solution for Tipler dealers and hauliers.

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