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Transition at Marangoni: Honouring a Legacy and Welcoming New Leadership

Marangoni has announced a significant transition within its leadership team. As the company bids farewell to the long-serving Jan-Olof Svensson, it welcomes Kion Larsen as the new Area Manager for Scandinavia.

Jan-Olof Svensson: A Distinguished Career in the Tyre Industry

Jan-Olof Svensson is retiring after more than thirty years in the tyre industry. He began his career as a truck driver in 1987 before transitioning into sales. Svensson’s career highlights include Michelin Nordics, Kléber Sweden, Bandag, and Marangoni positions.

Reflecting on his career, Svensson remarked on the difficulty of retiring from a profession that had been so integral to his life. “It’s tough to step away from a profession that has been a part of my daily life and brought me so much satisfaction,” he said. However, Svensson also recognises the importance of making way for the next generation and looks forward to new and fulfilling activities in his retirement.

Welcoming Kion Kruse Larsen

As Svensson steps into retirement, Marangoni welcomes Kion Larsen as the new Area Manager for Scandinavia. Larsen, 45, brings a diverse background to the role, having started his career in the offset printing industry. With a degree as an Offset Print Technician, he spent 16 years in the field before transitioning to the retreading industry in January 2011.

Larsen’s journey in retreading began in production, where his dedication and expertise quickly propelled him to the role of Production Manager. He later expanded his responsibilities to include administration and management of the Technical Department, overseeing quality management and providing technical support. This role involved frequent on-site training and technical education for all personnel, proving highly educational for Larsen.

In the early summer of 2023, Larsen joined the Marangoni sales team as the new Area Manager for Scandinavia, taking over from the retiring Svensson. Larsen expressed his excitement about the new role, stating his commitment to continuous improvement and his passion for tyres and rubber compounds. His extensive experience and dedication make him a valuable addition to Marangoni’s team.

Marangoni is confident that Larsen will excel in his new role and significantly contribute to the company’s success in the Scandinavian market.

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