Vaculug Incorporates Lignin in Tyre Compounds


In a ground-breaking move towards sustainability, Vaculug, Europe’s largest independent retreader, has announced the integration of lignin as a protective agent in its compounds. This innovative approach marks a significant milestone in the quest for eco-friendly solutions in the tyre industry.

Sustainable Protective Agent Used

Rubber products, including tyres, undergo aging processes accelerated by factors such as oxygen, light, and heat, leading to oxidation. Lignin is a renewable material, derived from certified eucalyptus forests that acts as a protective agent when added to the rubber compound. The use of Lignin extends tyre life by 10% by slowing the aging process.

“This strategic shift towards renewable materials not only enhances the tyre retreading process but also reinforces Vaculug’s commitment to reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability within the industry,” said Vaculug in a statement.

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