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Vaculug Transforming the Off-The-Road Sector

Established in 1950, Vaculug is Europe’s largest independent retreader, producing high-quality Off-The-Road (OTR) and truck retread tyres for fleets across the UK and Europe.

Off-The-Road Success with Vaculug

Alongside their tyre production, Vaculug offers effective and practical fleet management solutions tailored to meet their customers’ sustainability goals and objectives while providing substantial cost savings.

In recent years, Vaculug has invested in enhancing its workforce, processes, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy. Sustainability is a core tenet of Vaculug’s philosophy. The company minimises waste, recycles whenever possible, and efficiently uses energy and other resources. By extending the lifespan of tyres through their retreading process, Vaculug reduces the need for new tyre production, conserves resources, and minimises waste by giving tyres a second life before disposal.

Beyond manufacturing their own retread tyres, Vaculug is the exclusive UK distributor for long-standing partners Yokohama, with 37 years of collaboration, and the Magna Tyres Group, with a 17-year partnership. This allows Vaculug to offer a wider range of tyres to their customers.

Vaculug collaborates with customers to maximise the lifespan of tyre assets by investing in monitoring each tyre throughout its operational life. This approach helps manage costs and forecast replacement schedules, reducing overall machine operation costs and downtime.

One option is the Fixed Price Solution, which involves a monthly fee for each machine, making it ideal for precise budget management. Another option is the Managed Solution, which monitors equipment over a set period. This allows data analysis to predict wear rates, replacement cycles, and ongoing costs. Lastly, the Pay-as-you-go option lets customers choose services as needed, such as tyre supply, repair, or Tyrfil.

By offering these tailored solutions, Vaculug ensures that customers can select the best approach to manage their tyre assets efficiently and cost-effectively.

To bolster its service, Vaculug has opened a regional distribution warehouse in southern England, enabling it to offer customers and contractors same-day or next-day delivery solutions.

Vaculug’s Off-The-Road team has established itself as a leader in the tyre industry through a blend of expertise and exceptional customer service. Focusing on heavy-duty applications, their OTR team serves industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture, providing reliable tyre solutions that meet the demanding needs of these sectors.

Michael Evans, OTR and Operations Director at Vaculug noted, “We now have a market-leading team of OTR specialists consisting of four UK Sales Managers, a National Key Account Manager, and an OTR & Operations Logistics Manager.”

Vaculug will co-exhibit alongside Magna Tyres at this year’s Hillhead event, showcasing the latest innovations and advancements in the quarrying, construction, and recycling industries. Vaculug and Magna have partnered for over 17 years to provide high-quality tyre solutions and exceptional service to their customers.

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