Vaculug’s Sustainable Thinking Fleet Forum a Resounding Success

Vaculug Sustainability
Vaculug Sustainability

UK-based retreader Vaculug has announced that its second Sustainable Thinking Fleet Forum of the year is officially sold out. The event, sponsored by Hankook, follows the success of the first forum earlier this year and demonstrates Vaculug’s commitment to promoting sustainability and driving positive change within the tyre industry and fleet management sector.

Second Sustainability Forum Set for October

The event will take place on the 18th of October 2023 at the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge Club in London, bringing together a group of industry experts and stakeholders to explore the future of sustainable practices in fleet management. The Sustainable Thinking Fleet Forum event has already started implementing the suggestions and actions from the first forum back in April 2023. Guests are invited to discuss their views on sustainability in the transport industry and the future of tyre management.

Vaculug have also arranged for guest speakers, Guy Heywood from Hankook and Peter Taylor from the Tyre Recovery Association (TRA), to discuss topics such as decarbonisation, advanced technologies, and a long-term view on the mobility industry. These guest speakers will not only bring their expertise but also bridge the gap between theory and real-world practices, offering insight that hopes to drive positive change.

“The overwhelming response to the Sustainable Thinking Fleet Forum has exceeded our expectations,” said Glenn Sherwood, Chief Growth Officer. “The event has proven our commitment to leading the industry towards a more environmentally responsible future.”

“As Vaculug continues to champion eco-friendly practices and innovation, it remains devoted in its dedication to revolutionising the sustainability of the fleet management sector. Vaculug’s Sustainable Thinking Fleet Forum has not only provided a platform for open discussion about sustainability within the sector, but it has also set a benchmark for informative and impactful industry events going forward,” said the company.

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