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Vipal Rubber Adds Individual Bar Codes to VOS and VOE Envelope Ranges

Vipal Bar Codes to VOS and VOE

Vipal Rubber has announced the addition of individual bar codes to its range of VOS envelopes – Vipal Outer Short (short skirt) – and VOE – Vipal Outer Extended (long skirt) which will allow retreaders to accurately control of the number of cycles through which the envelope has already passed.

New Envelope Development from Vipal

When the new envelope is used for the first time, the retreader registers the number corresponding to the bar code in their ERP. In this way, the reading of the individual code is enabled in the system. When enveloping the tyre, before entering the curing chamber, the code is read, and the use of the envelope is recorded. With each new retreading process, the ERP scan will determine how many cycles the envelope has already been subjected to. To ensure control accuracy, the retreader can customise the system and block the process from running if the envelope barcode is not scanned.

According to Rodemir Conte, Vipal Rubber Product and Process Engineering Manager, the development will generate several benefits for retreaders and their customers. The new feature facilitates and improves control over the number of times the envelope is used, thus allowing greater efficiency in knowing the real durability of them. “Adding this innovation to the excellent performance of our current envelope, it is possible to generate savings and better cost control for our retreaders,” concluded Conte.

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