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Vipal Rubber Launches New VM310 Tread

Vipal Rubber VM310 Tread

Vipal has announced the introduction of a new tread pattern designed for applications in urban areas, on drive and trailer axles. The new VM 310 tread is also certified with the 3PMSF certification, proving excellent performance and safety when facing severe snow conditions. The new Vipal tread should hit the market in the second half of this year.

VM310 Important Tread Addition for Vipal

The VM 310 also incorporates the exclusive Eye Control technology, which facilitates the control of the level of wear and the suggested time for a new retreading, preserving the integrity of the casing and the management of fleet tyres. The launch meets a demand from Vipal customers, especially for the retreading of tyres on regional buses, which travel through the coldest areas of Europe and are susceptible to extreme weather conditions.

The design has a rotational direction, offering better traction power. The blocks were designed to promote the torque distribution, maximising its performance. At the same time, the sipes provides excellent grip in snow conditions and minimise irregular wear.

The grooves’ sculpture was designed to minimise retention of rocks and objects and to allow better water outflow in the rotational direction. With greater balance and stability due to its bindings between the blocks, the tread still offers good mileage performance and outstanding resistance to abrasion wear.

According to the Commercial Manager of Vipal Europe, Fabricio Nedeff, the technology and design of the VM310 is presented as a new Vipal solution for these colder regions of Europe. “This is a tread that meets a request from our customers and a remarkably interesting alternative to another tread in our portfolio, the VDA4, widely used in the region as well. We are incredibly happy to know that the VM310 has passed the 3PMSF test with an extremely high rate, proving all the quality used by Vipal’s R&D area, and we look forward to having it for the second half of 2022″, highlighted Nedeff.

This is Vipal’s sixteenth tread to obtain the 3PMSF certification. In addition to this, the following brand treads are certified: VDA4, VT220, VRT3, VDE2, VM729, VT110, VT240, VT540, VZU3, VL170A, VL105A, VT115, VT510, VM310, VT250 and DV-UM3.

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