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VM Rubber Introduces New Payment Method

VM Rubber Payment Method

VM Rubber has announced that it has enabled payments by credit card to simplify the purchase of their products.

Credit Card Facility Introduced via Pay-By-Link

The Italian company took this decision because of several requests received from customers. VMR understands how sometimes it is difficult to wire money, especially for smaller amounts. They looked into different options and found the right service: PAY-BY-LINK.

Sales and Marketing Manager Camilla Raffaelli explained how PAY-BY-LINK works: “The customer receives a link by email or text message. They click on the link and land on the payment page, where they find all the details about an offer, order confirmation, or invoice. It is a safe system and doesn’t require sharing credit card information with the company. “

Raffaelli also specified that customers can continue to place orders by email, WhatsApp, or over the phone and then choose to pay by wire transfer (EUROS or USD) or with the new PAY-BY-LINK service.

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