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Go Energy Offers Productivity Improvements with Robot Repair Station 63

Go Energy Robot Repair Station 63

Go Energy is an Italmatic Group subsidiary developing high technology machinery, specialised in processing tyres up to 63”. The company has developed three patented technologies for buffing, regrooving and the repair of craters and imperfections in tyres.

New Technologies from Go Energy

An example is the Robot Repair Station 63, a robotic system for the repair of OTR tyres from 35” to 63”, which operates by hammering hot rubber to fill previously machined craters. Key features include a keying system with interchangeable spindles, a KUKA anthropomorphic robot, a hammer mounted on a pneumatic system, and a double joystick system to determine the polygonal or circular figure to be beaten with the possibility of repeating the processing programmes at a programmable step.

Go Energy is a registered trademark, synonym of certified advanced retreading plants: a warranty of quality, productivity and safety. The company equipment can be perfectly adapted to the individual production requirements of customers, thanks to the wide possibilities of personalisation the company offers, thereby offering significant increases in productivity and considerable savings in terms of operating costs.

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