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New Generation of Shearography Machines from Go Energy

Shearography Machines from Go Energy

Go Energy Srl, the Italmatic Group subsidiary, has announced the introduction of a new generation of shearography machines for the non-destructive control of all tyres, both new and used, from 13” to 24”. The new high-capacity machines are available in both single and double-door versions.

Go Energy is New Entrant in Shearography Sector

The new shearography machine is equipped with a tilting system allowing the vertical loading of the tyre which is then positioned horizontally. Accumulation roller conveyor systems are provided, customisable according to customer requirements with silicone tapes to prevent tyres slipping during handling when taking them inside the machine.

The machine can also be equipped with two different scan systems, according to requirements.

If the customer needs only a scan of the tyre crown, a special high-performance camera is employed, with 48MP resolution, giving a unique image at 360° of the whole crown at ambient pressure and a second vacuum image.

If the customer also needs a scan of the tyre sidewalls, the machine is equipped with a very high precision 3D sensor able to execute a continuous scan rotating by 360° on the sidewall, also including lower and upper beads This, says Go Energy, is different from competitor machines, which execute sectorial scans. The scan, which can be compared to a special video, allows the operator to see the tyre sidewall with a unique image. This scan is executed at ambient pressure and then also under vacuum, to identify the defects.

Besides identifying precisely the presence of defects on the tyre, both the above systems point out the volume of defects, enabling the operator to understand if the tyre can be retreaded, at which point the defects, their sizes and their contours are shown and the information stored.

The shearography machine’s software system can also interact also with outside servers, keeping track of the number of defects on each tyre, their sizes, and their position on the casing inspected. If the system is connected to an RFID, to a barcode or to a QR-code, it will be possible to identify the tyre inspected.

The operator also has the possibility to select on the control panel of the machine a scan of the crown only, crown and upper side, crown and lower side or a scan of the whole tyre.

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