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INCANEU Trains the Argentinean Retreading Industry

INCANEU Trains Argentinean Retreading Industry

In these changing times (pandemic included) the need to strengthen education in complex industries is something to admire and a difficult exercise to apply. Therefore, it is necessary to recognise the effort and dedication that professionals such as Engineer Diego Gastón Pastor, General Coordinator of the Tire Training Institute (INCANEU) of Argentina performs daily.  

Argentinean Recognition of Development and Professionalism in Tyre Retreading

The Tire Training Institute (INCANEU) originated in 2014 as a result of concerns within the Argentinean Tire Federation (FAN), the umbrella organisation that combines the Argentinean Association of Tire Retreaders (ARAN) and the Union of Tire Retailers (UCON), about the lack of skilled labour that was being observed, both in the tyre retreading industry and in the sale of new tyres and service centres (tyre shops). In view of this scenario, strategies, and methodologies to provide the required technical assistance were framed and planned, and above all, the different financing alternatives for such projects and the feasibility in each case were analysed in order to guarantee the operation of the Institute.

“After going through the aforementioned instances (which were not easy to overcome, of course), we reached the year 2017, at which point INCANEU formally started its activities with a functional-directive structure formed by representatives of FAN and the Trade Union sector, which was the most appropriate way to achieve the flow of economic resources that would allow its operation,” explains Pastor. “INCANEU is sustained thanks to the union contributions made by the affiliated companies (tyre shops and tyre retreading plants), from which a percentage is derived for these activities. The rest of INCANEU’s organisation chart is made up of the operational areas themselves, made up of professionals and qualified personnel who work as trainers, instructors, advisors and/or tutors, according to the type of assistance required and its content and format”.


Pastor adds; “of course, at the beginning, we have covered a first stage of diagnosis, which allowed us, among other things, to adjust and expand the content of the proposed assistance programmes; reaching today an offer that includes a series of programmes and activities of varied nature and characteristics, providing the attendees with training and updating tools to improve their daily work and the final certification (both for the attending personnel and for the participating company/establishment) that accredits their suitability, participation and training”. However, the most remarkable thing, Pastor emphasises, is “that most of the activities are carried out on-site at the facilities of the interested company, without interrupting the normal operation of the establishment and the daily activities carried out there”.

In the course of these first years of life, INCANEU has developed a considerable amount of activities in different tyre centres and at the sales offices of various companies, including tread manufacturers and representatives of the main tyre manufacturers in Argentina, and at the end of 2019 they entered into a Framework Agreement of Collaboration and Reciprocal Assistance with the National Institute of Industrial Technology (INTI) of Argentina, through its System of Research and Development Centres; materialising through its INTI-Rubber Center. 

The largest percentage of the training and qualification activities given by INCANEU are carried out in tyre shops, while in the case of retreading plants, assistance is focused on INCANEU’s Programme for the Adaptation of Plants for their Certification before INTI. The following is a graphic illustration of the above, for a better understanding of the programmes:

Programs/Proposals Objectives
Tire Shop’s Process Improvement Program Incorporate, in stages, best practices and technical and service competencies in the personnel, while the business activities are being developed, to ensure their practical installation in each business. Likewise, to provide the owner, managers and/or persons in charge with a map of agreed-upon changes, to be managed within agreed-upon timeframes.
Specialized Technical Training To acquire the specific knowledge for the tasks of Repairs, Balancing, Alignment and Front End.
Development workshop for Beach Managers and Commercial Office Liaison Communication with Customers.

Office-Beach Coordination.

Process analysis and best practices.

Coordination of team actions.

Working Conditions and Work Environment Determine and establish standards, procedures, regulations and/or work methodologies that guarantee and/or allow controlling the conditions and risk agents in the different work environments, according to the activity that is developed.
Relational Sales in Tire Shops The training focuses on the different stages to find potential customers and then keep them and even develop them.
Tire Retreading Plant Certification Implement Quality System to guarantee the Technical Aptitude of the establishment in the Tire Retreading Process.

Technical Aptitude of the plant in the Tire Retreading Process, according to INTI Rubber and INTI Certifications requirements (modular scheme based on ISO 9001:2015, duration approximately 1 year).

Training and Advice Program for Sales and Technicians in the field Applicable both to personnel of Tire Retreading Plants as well as to personnel of Rubber Plants and/or Service Centres.
Other Services ü  Technical advice to Business Authorities.

ü  Technical advice to Middle range Management.

ü  Commercial Coaching.

ü  Technical-legal advice on Industrial Hygiene and Safety matters (Ministry of Labour).

ü  Technical-legal advice on environmental agenda/matrix.

ü  Certifications of competencies/skills/fitness for work (evaluation of training, knowledge and performance of operating personnel).


Engineer Pastor comments that his function within this structure is to plan and diagram all the activities that INCANEU carries out, both from the creation/incorporation/evaluation of the content, as well as the organisation of its execution between the technical personnel of the Institute that will provide the services/assistance in question and the user/interested sector. In addition, from a strictly pedagogical point of view, Pastor oversees the training and provides direct assistance to the tyre retreading plants for their certification.

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