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NeroForce is Retreading’s Newest Brand

NeroForce Newest Retreading Brand

Two familiar faces from the retreading industry have joined forces to a launch a new company aiming to make an impact on the sector. 

New Equipment and Consumables Company Established

Andreas Müller and Martin Kalagin, previously best known for their roles at B&J Rocket and Marangoni respectively, have joined forces to set up NeroForce, based in Leipheim, Germany, whose role will be to develop a range of tools, machines and consumables for the tyre retreading market.

The company is presently engaged in the selection of experienced sales staff and reliable partners in the production worldwide (Germany, USA, India, Italy, China and Malaysia).

“Our goal is the highest level of customer satisfaction and thereby lay the foundation for a positive economic development of the company,” say the founders, adding: “We believe in the future of retreading as an ecological contribution. Product quality and a high level of expertise in consulting and service at competitive prices ‒ that is our offer to the rubber and tyre industry“.

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