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Innovations from Vipal at Autopromotec

Vipal Innovations at Autopromotec

Vipal showcased a number of innovations at this year’s Autopromotec show with the company focusing on three fundamental pillars: partnership with local retreaders, the Circular Economy, and the brand’s global presence. 

New Tread Patterns Launched

In particular, the company launched a number of new tread patterns, namely the VL160, VT540, VT110, VT240, DV-MT and VM540 treads, which were prominently featured. In addition to these treads, which were specifically designed to meet European market needs, Vipal also exhibited several new products from its repair line, Green Line and technology solutions, such as Vipal Fleets and equipment from Vipal Machines.

In terms of the tread patterns on show, the spotlight was on the new launches, with particular emphasis on the VM540, which was developed for high adherence on different surface types, and which incorporates Vipal’s Eye Control technology, which helps the end user identify the tread’s wear level. Through Eye Control, it is possible to identify anomalies in alignment, balance, geometry and suggested travel time, as well as the time to remove the tyre for further retreading.

Other novelties included the VL160 design, indicated for Super Single or highway segment tyres, which ensures good mileage performance and excellent abrasion wear resistance, as well as incorporating Eye Control technology, and the VT540, indicated for drive axles and designed for paved and unpaved roads, also bearing the Alpine Symbol for low temperature and snow driving. Also on display was be the VT110 (traditional and ECO versions), developed for radial tyres on drive axles, reducing rolling resistance and enabling lower fuel consumption, and which also bears the Alpine Symbol seal. Last but not least, Vipal also presented the VT240, which offers good abrasion wear resistance and low heat generation, and the DV-MT, offering uniform wear and an exclusive progressive radius.

In addition to its new tread products, Vipal also showcased Vipal Fleets at Autopromotec, a platform that allows for quick and accurate tyre diagnostics. In fleets, the tool aids inventory control, as well as tyre measurement and management. Capable of informing the user when tyres need to be removed and sent to the retreader, Vipal Fleets contributes to reducing the cost per kilometre (CPK) of fleets, among other benefits. Vipal Fleets supports tyre inventory, cost control, performance control, delivery records and evidence in cases of casing disposal with the retreader, in addition to a photographic record of the end of the tyre’s service life, ensuring tracking as of the first use. The platform can be accessed from computers, tablets and smartphones, allowing retreaders’ technical teams to perform quick and accurate diagnostics, thus reducing response time for fleets. In cases where there is wi-fi network unavailability or data limitation, Vipal Fleets also works as an app permits the necessary transactions, including rotations, measurements and data collection, which are then automatically updated in the cloud when you connect to the internet. In addition, it is also ready to serve fleets that use RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) technology chips to identify their tyres.

Vipal Fleets is yet another tool that integrates Vipal’s service package and its network of authorized customers, which we consider essential for the reality of transportation today,” commented Leandro Rigon, Vipal’s International Business Director.

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