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ITRS Inaugurates New Warehouse

ITRS New Warehouse

In June, Canada based International Tire Repair Inc (ITRS) inaugurated their new 14,500 sq ft manufacturing facility in Terrebonne, Quebec.

Expansion Announced at Terrebonne Facility

Among the guests present were friends, employees and their families, customers, suppliers, as well as the mayor of the city of Terrebonne, Marc Andre Plante, who delivered a moving speech saying “I am very proud to see entrepreneurs from here that started in their garage and today they are cementing their roots in our Industrial Park.”

International Tire Repair Inc (ITRS) is recognised as a world leader, developer and distributor of innovative products and technologies for the tyre section repair industry.

“Today we have offices in Mexico, Costa Rica, Poland and soon in the US, with licensees in over 20 countries, representing a profusion of key products to our industry, we are a force to be reckoned with, ” stated president and owner of ITRS Gilles Wauthy who also thanked La Banque National, Investissement Quebec and all private investors for believing in him and making his dream an attainable reality.

Back in 2015, and concerned with the carbon footprint of the tyre industry, ITRS developed a 10 module training programme under C2G Tire Management, dedicated to the safety and proficiency of truck and OTR section repair solutions. “ By training how to properly and safely repair tyres we are reducing the amount of tires that end up in the landfill,” said Wauthy.

ITRS is dedicated to developing and designing new, time saving and safety oriented products, equipment and technologies for the tyre repair industry worldwide.

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