Full Interview with Roy Littlefield, CEO of TIA Published

Episode 17 of the Retreadcast had an extended interview with the CEO of TIA, Roy Littlefield, who joined publisher of Retreading Business David Wilson to discuss how the association is celebrating its centenary year as well as touching upon its key achievements and future challenges

Littlefield Discusses TIA’s Centenary Year

The full interview is now available without any interruptions on our the Retreading Business Youtube channel.


00:00​ Introduction to Full Interview | Roy Littlefield, CEO of the Tire Industry Association

01:12 Roy Littlefield, CEO of the TIA sheds light on the Association's history in the United States

05:27 Tire Industry Association's greatest achievements over the years

08:58 Roy comments on the TIA's challenges, which primarily centre around digitalisation and technology

10:01 Impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the US Market and the association's members, as well as their mitigation tactics

14:05 TIA membership challenges and opportunities, and optimising member services

18:48 Roy's insight on state-by-state legislation around asphalt rubber as hazardous waste

19:50 Tire Industry Association's plans for celebratory activities for Centenary

22:08 Roy sheds light onto the association's plans for a worldwide dealer network programme

24:10 David and Roy comment on upcoming SEMA Show in Las Vegas and attendance issues

27:30 Roy recounts his personal, meaningful journey with the Tire Industry Association

29:56 Full Interview | Roy Littlefield, CEO of the Tire Industry Association

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