KRAIBURG Austria Outlines Environment Strategy


KRAIBURG says it has always strived to act in an environmentally responsible manner. For example, the Group is already one of Europe’s biggest consumers of granulates and powders extracted from used tyres and re-utilises them in high-quality products.

Environmental Management System Key to Green Planning

This approach can be summed up with KRAIBURG’s strapline “Drive it Again”. However, in an attempt to go a step further, the company has also developed a comprehensive environmental strategy for which it was awarded the EMAS certificate last autumn. The EMAS environmental management system represented the first milestone in the implementation of the measures outlined in the company’s plan, the overall goal of which is to improve environmental performance, the focus being on the consumption of energy, raw materials and resources as well as the avoidance or reduction of emissions and waste.

In addition to the development and marketing of quality products for cold and hot retreads, KRAIBURG Austria endeavours consistently to optimise environmentally relevant aspects of its business: The photovoltaic system, for example, that, until recently, covered an area of 600 square metres has now grown to a total of 2,900 square metres. Together with the electricity produced with its own combined heat and power unit, the company now generates a third of its required electricity itself. The rest is covered by green electricity.

KRAIBURG Austria aims to make another contribution to the environmental balance with its membership of the GPSNR (= Global Platform for Sustai­nable Natural Rubber). All of the participating companies there undertake to improve the social, ecological and economic sustainability of the global supply chain for natural rubber. The retreading specialist already procures a good 90 percent sustainable natural rubber through the GPSNR.

The Austrian company is currently also working on solutions for how CO2 emissions can be reduced to zero. They are pursuing so-called “Science Based Tar­gets” (SBTs), a solution which defines emission reduction targets for com­panies. The focus here is on the volume of emissions that need to be reduced in order to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement, which aims to restric­t global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. KRAIBURG Austria wants to define and start implementation of solutions for this in the second half of the year.

“Despite all the challenges and delivery problems caused by the Covid pan­demic on the one hand and the military conflict in the Ukraine on the other hand, we are intent on implementing our environment strategy as planned and in full,” commented Stefan Mayrhofer, Managing Director KRAIBURG Austria "Environmental protection and sustainability awareness are topics which we simply owe to the following generations."


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