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  COMPANY REPORT VIPAL  RUBBER CELEBRATES 50 YEARS  P.22        It was at a petrol station in 1960 that Vicencio Paludo found the opportunity that would make him start the company that bears his name and which this year celebrates fifty years of existence, Vipal Rubber - the only company in the world which produces a complete line of products for the retreading and repairing of passenger, commercial, agricultural and Off the Road (OTR) tyres. The company was born from a latent need: to offer the trucking industry a solution to their tyre problems. From the first patches, going through the production of camelback, treads, and tyre retreading machines, to the manufacture of new tyres for motorcycles, one of the largest rubber manufacturers in the world emerged. Within the context of the company’s 50th anniversray celebations, we spoke to Vipal’s Director of International Business, Leandro Rigon, about the company’s achievements and its aspirations for the future.  

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