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NTDA and BTMA Come Together in Support of Tyre Retreading

In a move aimed at bringing more attention to the retread industry in the UK, the National Tyre Distributors Association (NTDA) and the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (BTMA) have announced a united front to advocate for the benefits of tyre retreading. This announcement was a highlight of the 2023 NTDA Tyre Industry Conference, addressing the need to combat the outdated prejudices and misinformation surrounding the sector.

Safety, Performance, Economical and Environmental Benefits of Retreading Highlighted

Contrary to long-standing biases, modern retreads boast performance and safety levels that match or surpass those of new tyres. Supported by rigorous endurance testing requirements equivalent to those for new tyres, retreads stand as a testament to reliability. National Highways’ investigations into roadside tyre debris further dispel myths about retread reliability, showing no increased failure rate compared to new tyres. Additionally, a stringent annual third-party Conformity of Production audit ensures that every retread meets high safety and quality standards.

With tyre policies influencing half of a fleet’s operating costs, the NTDA and BTMA spotlight the economic advantage of incorporating retreads. Considering factors like longevity, fuel efficiency, and reliability, the total ownership cost often proves that retreads are more economical than opting for low-cost new tyres.

The environmental benefits are equally compelling. Adopting retread policies can lead to a 75% reduction in tyre consumption and a 50% decrease in tread wear material release. Furthermore, retreading aligns with sustainability goals by reusing up to 85% of the material from the original tyres, thus saving on natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

Despite market challenges, the UK retread sector has seen significant investment, exceeding £15 million in the past five years, to enhance quality, productivity, and capability. UK-made retreads add around 40% more economic value to the economy than imported low-cost tyres and support numerous jobs, especially in underprivileged areas.

Acknowledging the pivotal role of informed tyre management in reducing operating costs and improving environmental performance, the NTDA and BTMA are committed to pushing for government support for smaller operators while extolling the adoption of retreads among large fleets, who are already reaping the financial and environmental benefits.

The partnership between NTDA and BTMA signifies a dedication to enriching industry knowledge and promoting best practices in tyre stewardship. Through their collaborative efforts, they aim to reshape perceptions and practices around retreading.

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