REMA TIP TOP Emphasise Importance of Maintenance Standards at COP 28

REMA TIP TOP's Michael Labbe at COP28
REMA TIP TOP's Michael Labbe at COP28

REMA TIP TOP, a global leader in industrial maintenance, showcased the importance of high maintenance standards for sustainability at COP28. 

Good Maintenance Leads to Sustainability and Efficiency

Operating in over 170 countries, the company champions repairing and reusing equipment over replacement to minimise material waste. Michael Labbé, Executive Director, said: “Extending the life of industrial equipment is vital for sustainability and efficiency,” emphasising the role of maintenance in achieving sustainability and efficiency, highlighting the need for smart resource and cost management.

Experts agree that predictive and monitoring strategies are more effective and sustainable than passive, corrective maintenance. Accordingly, maintenance is not a one-off project but a continuous process that must be systematically managed. Consistency and discipline are the key factors in achieving excellent maintenance and operational results.

Repair and Refurbish to Aid the Circular Economy 

Aiming to support the circular economy, REMA TIP TOP focuses on repairing and refurbishing equipment, as stated by Mario Delmaestro, General Manager Operations at REMA TIP TOP Middle East, “Repair and refurbishment over replacement of equipment is our premise,” he said. The company provides comprehensive maintenance services, including inspections, repairs, modernisations, eco-friendly products, and customised efficiency strategies, backed by nearly a century of experience.

At COP28, REMA TIP TOP’s Michael Labbé and Bruno Lucena discussed next-generation industrial maintenance, emphasising the impact of prioritising repair and refurbishment on reducing material waste.

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