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RuLa-BRW GmbH Engages with Marangoni on Advanced Compound Technologies

RuLa-BRW Marangoni
RuLa-BRW Marangoni

RuLa-BRW GmbH, a German premium truck tyre retreader, recently participated in a specialised training session at Marangoni’s facilities in Henstedt-Ulzburg. The focus was on the latest developments in compound technologies, a vital aspect for companies committed to quality and sustainability.

Staying abreast of technological advancements in an industry where innovation leads is crucial.

Understanding and integrating new technologies is vital for RuLa-BRW to maintain its position as a provider of high-quality retreaded tyres. This engagement with Marangoni underscores the company’s dedication to performance and environmental concerns.

Marangoni’s training gave RuLa-BRW a deep dive into the latest compound technologies to enhance tyre performance and longevity. The session highlighted advancements in materials and manufacturing processes, promising to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact, a critical consideration for RuLa-BRW, which strongly emphasises sustainable practices.

As a retreader of commercial vehicle tyres, RuLa-BRW is committed to integrating knowledge and insights to provide clients with advanced solutions. The insights gained from Marangoni’s training are a step towards enhancing the company’s product offerings and ensuring they meet the high standards expected by its customers.

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