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Sao Paulo Bus Fleet Achieves 18.7% Fuel Savings with Vipal Eco Treads

Vipal Eco Treads

Brazil based bus and coach fleet Viação Vaz has reported achieving significant fuel savings by using Vipal’s range of Eco Treads on the retreads its buys from NSA Pneutec, Vipal’s Authorised Dealer Network retreading company from Sao Paulo. By using the DV-UM3B ECO tread, the carrier says it has achieved an expressive 18.7% saving in fuel against the standard design performance. The analyses, conducted during a two day period recently, was mediated by Josemar Putti, Vipal Rubber Business Consultant, Brasilio Orias Vaz, Viação Vaz Supply Manager, and MPF Controle de Pneus, the company supervising the tests.

Viação Vaz, founded in 2002 in the city of Santo André, is part of the União Santo André Consortium.

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