Special Retreadcast from TyreXpo Asia Published Online

Episode 37 of The Retreadcast from TyreXpo Asia is now available on YouTube and audio platforms.

Retreadcast Launches Latest Episode

The latest episode of Retreadcast features an overview of our conference programme from TyreXpo Asia, where our four eminent speakers from different global regions were able to offer an interesting comparison of the state of the markets in North America, South America, Europe and South-East Asia.

Watch the full episode now on our YouTube channel.


0:12 Introduction

0:48 The Key Characteristics of Different Global Regions

04:08 Challenges Faced by the Retreading Industry

07:00 Opportunities for the Retreading Sector

10:01 What do Retreaders Need to Do to Survive and Prosper?

12:58 Conclusion

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