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Vaculug Unveils ZEUS – AI-Powered Production System

Vaculug has launched ZEUS, a state-of-the-art production system developed in-house over three years. Integrating advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, this system advances the company’s operational capabilities and sets new industry standards.

AI-Powered Retreading Processes 

The journey to this groundbreaking achievement began with a simple yet ambitious idea: to build a future-proof production system from scratch. Vaculug’s production team was given free rein to innovate, creating a wish list of features to transform production capabilities and tackle future challenges. Brian Barron, Head of GSD at Vaculug, described the freedom to innovate without constraints as exciting and daunting. The goal was to envision a system that meets current needs, anticipates, and adapts to future demands, covering increased automation, efficiency, enhanced quality control, and sustainability.

With the production team’s wish list, Vaculug’s IT team set out to realise this vision, aiming to incorporate as many AI elements as possible to support and enhance the production process. Jason Humphries highlighted AI as a game-changer, enabling the analysis of vast amounts of data in real-time, optimising production workflows, predicting maintenance needs, and ensuring the highest quality standards. The collaboration between the production and IT teams was crucial in creating an innovative and highly functional system. The result of this collaborative effort has exceeded all expectations, delivering capabilities that were previously unimaginable.


The previous system was named Apollo, and the new system’s transformative leap necessitated a name symbolising power and leadership. Thus, ZEUS, the king of the gods in Greek mythology, was chosen. This name symbolises power, leadership, and authority, resonating with the spirit of progress and transformation, propelling Vaculug into a future of boundless possibilities.

The new production system is now fully operational, bringing many benefits to Vaculug’s operations. Automated processes and real-time data analysis streamline production, reducing downtime and increasing throughput. Advanced AI algorithms monitor production quality, ensuring consistent and superior products. AI-driven insights predict equipment maintenance needs, preventing unexpected breakdowns and extending machinery lifespan. Additionally, efficiency improvements reduce waste and energy consumption, supporting Vaculug’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

As Vaculug moves forward, the company remains committed to leveraging the latest technologies to drive innovation and excellence. The new production system is just the beginning, with insights gained and capabilities developed through this project continuing to inspire future advancements. Stay tuned for Vaculug’s next project, Veritas, set to launch on the company’s 75th anniversary.

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