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VM Rubber Joins AIRP

VM Rubber Joins AIRP
VM Rubber Joins AIRP

Founded in 1963, AIRP’s primary mission has been to unite Italian retreaders and heighten awareness of the Retreading Industry’s critical role in sustainable mobility solutions. VM Rubber’s recent induction into AIRP underscores its commitment to this mission, reflecting a shared vision for the industry’s future.

To start the New Year, VM Rubber has announced its membership in the Association of Italian Tyre Retreaders (AIRP)

In 2023, VM Rubber undertook a significant initiative to bolster the tyre retreading process’s visibility through a targeted social media campaign. This campaign, consisting of posts and informative slides, sought to demystify retreading by highlighting its processes, benefits, and products. Such proactive engagement exemplifies VM Rubber’s dedication to advancing the retreading industry and educating the broader public on its environmental and economic advantages.

The campaign’s ongoing dialogue has played a pivotal role in addressing prevalent misconceptions and knowledge gaps regarding tyre retreading. VM Rubber’s efforts to foster a deeper understanding of the industry’s importance have been instrumental in its decision to join AIRP, driven by a shared commitment to these educational and promotional objectives.

Pablo Versini, Managing Director of VM Rubber, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s new membership with AIRP, highlighting a forward-looking ambition to contribute meaningfully to the association and Italy’s broader retreading landscape. VM Rubber’s active participation in AIRP and collaborative endeavours with industry peers signifies a robust commitment to the growth and sustainability of the tyre retreading sector in Italy.

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