Retreadcast Episode 19 Available For Viewing on Youtube

Retreadcast with David Stevens

Episode 19 of The Retreadcast is live on Youtube. This week’s episode welcomes Managing Director of TRIB, David Stevens back to the podcast for his latest appearance. David Wilson and Richard Wilson also discuss the latest developments for the 2022 Recircle Awards.

David Stevens Appears on The Retreadcast

Episode 19 sees David Stevens discuss how the US retread market is contiuing to get through the pandemic, its activities in California and his thoughts on the 2022 Recircle Awards.


00:00 Introduction to Episode #19 | Recircle Awards Gathers Pace

01:11 Recircle Awards 2022: The Award Categories

02:53 Recircle Awards 2022: How can you nominate in the 2022 Recircle Awards?

03:55 Recircle Awards 2022: When will the winners receive their awards?

05:10 Interview: David Stevens, Managing Director of TRIB

05:33 Update on the US Retread Market as it Emerges out of COVID-19 Pandemic

08:22 TRIB‘s Activities in California and its Contract with the State of California

11:35 The Trade Show Scene in US and David Shares his Thoughts on the Prospects for the Upcoming Trade Fairs in 2022

14:31 David Comments on the 2022 Recircle Awards

16:24 Recircle Awards 2022: Partner and Collaborator Packages Available for the 2022 Awards Season

21:20 Conclusion to Episode #19 | Recircle Awards Gathers Pace

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